Active Landscapes & New Environments

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Course outline

From the 2013 National Architecture Conference
Whether driven by extreme sites or their own formal aspirations, the work of Aste’s practice LAAC, is characterized by its determined manipulation of familiar materials such as steel or concrete beyond conventional, even reasonable, limits. LAAC are also known for their skilful re-framing of historic materials and sites to open up new associations and social opportunities.

AACA Competency: Design


Kathrin Aste: Principal, LAAC, Austria

Kathrin Aste gained her Diploma in Architecture from the University of Innsbruck, and established Aste Architecture in 2004. In 2009 she founded LAAC Architects with Frank Ludin. LAAC is focused on contemporary architecture for urban and landscape contexts, particularly alpine infrastructures. The sites for their projects have ranged from Innsbruck’s medieval town centre to the mountains of Kazakhstan.
In high altitude and inaccessible sites, the practice has developed great material precision; for instance, the daring Mountain Peak Platform ‘Top of Tyrol’ (2009) was constructed in parts and transported by helicopter – 20 flights over three days. Edith Schlocker described the project in Austria-Architects as ‘architecture as a tight-rope artist’. Their material experiments engage structural technologies, extreme climates and history.

Course structure and materials

  • Audio-visual Flash presentation
  • Formal assessment

    Length of course

    1 hour

    Continuing professional development hours


    1 formal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) point.

    Learning outcome

    After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Define the term “active landscape” and recognise examples where it exists
  • Explore how the use of objects and shadow influence architecture
  • Recognise site constraints and their impact on buildings
  • Define the term ‘new environments’ and list examples where they exist

    National Competency Standards in Architecture



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