BIM In Practice

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Course outline
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Course outline

This seminar will draw extensively on the information in the ‘BIM in Practice’ documents released in August after input from over 45 BIM in experts in Australia ( It will focus on three specific areas:

- Effects of BIM on the legal and procurement aspects of delivering projects
- Proper management of BIM collaboration across disciplines
- Involving clients and other stakeholders to communicate benefits and challenges of BIM

AACA Competency: Documentation and Practice Management


Dominik Holzer: Partner, AEC Connect

As one of the leading thinkers and change agents in the area of BIM in Australia, Dr. Dominik Holzer is the acting chair of the 'BIM & IPD Steering Group' of the Australian Institute of Architecture and Consult Australia.

Next to running a successful Design Technology consultancy (AEC Connect), Dominik frequently publishes on Design Technology related matters. He is a regular speaker/host at high level industry functions on the topic of BIM and computational design overall.

Dominik currently writes the BIM column in Australia’s FM Magazine and he engages in teaching commitments for various universities across Australia.

Course structure and materials

  • Audio-visual Flash presentation
  • Formal assessment

    Length of course

    1.5 hours

    Continuing professional development hours

    1.5 formal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) points.

    Learning outcome

    After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand how to deal with issues regarding the Intellectual Property (IP) of your BIM output
  • List the effects of BIM on Professional Indemnity
  • Identify stakeholders’ responsibilities on BIM projects
  • Generate a BIM Management Plan
  • Identify the effects of BIM on various stakeholders in the industry

    National Competency Standards in Architecture

    Documentation and Practice Management


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