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If you are an architect or building design professional, Continuum is your online source of quality continuing professional development (CPD). Our wide range of audio-visual courses provide a convenient way to build your skills and meet your CPD requirements. Our courses are:

Our courses cover a wide range of topics relating to the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) competencies; Design, Documentation, Project Management and Practice Management.

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The Integrative Design Process- A new approach for sustainable design

Integrative design is distinguished from conventional design by its use of a highly collaborative, multidisciplinary project team. This presentation by Bill Reed introduces the practical concepts of integrating our technical perspectives with the living system processes that support life on Earth. The beginning of this work in the design and building professions is to start the process of integrating the inter-relationships between subsystems in the building and the natural systems of which the building is part.




 Safety in Design


This seminar will provide a refresher on the work health and safety legislation in relation to designer responsibilities and discuss how designers can achieve a safe design approach in their projects.
The focus will include what designers should endeavour to eliminate from the workplace and design innovations which can create productive workplaces free from injury and disease. The seminar will address methods of communicating safe design in documents, plans and reports to ensure that design intent is not lost in the build process.


Waterproofing In Buildings- Preventing Leaks And Lawsuits By Design

wp Ross Taylor's presentation looks at the legal exposure of Architects to the increasing problem of water related defects in new buildings. Case studies of recent legal cases are reviewed, the causes of the problem analysed and the role of design identified. A back to basics approach to using first principles of water shedding and effective use of old fashioned things like flashings rather than just relying on chemicals is provided. Examples of time-proven good practice design detailing are discussed.


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