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Our courses cover a wide range of topics relating to the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA) competencies; Design, Documentation, Project Management and Practice Management.

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Modelling the architectural practice of the future
 modelIncreased globalisation and exponentially augmented technology will create almost infinite competition, causing product and service consumption patterns to change immensely - just some of the game changers architects will need to deal with. This seminar will help you start answering those key questions for your practice, help you identify whether you need to reinvent your business and / or your business model and if so, give you the tools to do so through practically reinforced, hands-on, fun exercises.
 Social Sustainability: Design that connects people
 social sustainabilitySocial Sustainability is about ensuring the sustenance of the diverse social relations that exist in healthy communities. This presentation will discuss the growing public policy emphasis on wellbeing and performance of public spaces, how we can respond, what this means for innovation in design practice, who is involved in delivering Social Sustainability, why it is important, and what happens if we don’t. 
 ABIC Commercial Cost Plus Contract
ABIC In August, the Institute and Master Builders Australia released the new ABIC ‘Commercial Cost Plus 2014’ (CP-2014 C) contract, for commercial projects. This seminar explores the new concepts and key mechanisms of the ABIC CP-2014 C contract and its use for commercial projects and explores some issues relevant to cost plus projects.
 Making Connections I
ConnectionsLike “sustainability”, the term “collaboration” has started to become a catch cry for architects – we hear it all the time but what does it really mean? Making Connections examines projects and practices that generously engage with other ideas, people, environments and situations at a range of scales, to produce unexpected outcomes both formally and culturally.  

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